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Pearl Street Tattoo was opened in 2015. Creating a tattoo shop with a standard above the rest. It has operated non-stop since then Joe celebrated 30 years of business in December of 2016.

Owners Joe Whaley and James still tattoo there full to part-time, traval several events throughout the year, and host guest artists from coast to coast in their shop. Currently we are working by appointment only. 

We don’t do fashion statements and we don’t cash-in on latest trends. We put our heart and soul into timeless tattoos with plenty of style. We live for it all day, every day.

We offer American Traditional, Japanses, Bio-organic, custom free hand, cover ups, brigh, bold, solid color, and smooth black and gray.

The shop is known for its quality of work and great atmosphere. 

Your only limitation is your imagination. 


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  • Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction
  • Skilled Tattoo Artists
  • Affordable Prices

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